Reunion..SMKHC 1997-2001

today was 16th of ramadhan..last nite in tarawih the qunut prayer has started to be read…its been a long time i didnt go for the tarawih prayer also wif tonite..hahah..i’ve went to Kunang-Kunang restaurant near the SHELL one the way back to gombak(bertentangan ngan PUTRA LRT tuuu)…n guess who did i found all my x-schoolmate 1997-2001 batch…maybe not all but most of them come..best bangat..!!hehehe D diana badak(i still admire her hehe)…anep, ayen, zainal, n ramai lagi…

after everybody finished their foods
from rite standing fauzi, azman, afnan, syahiwan, faiz shoul, ME, affan, wazzan, alan, nisa(yee kot name dia can’t remember laaa) nadia n…..ntah…on the chair from rite also jenal, mislama, noni, diana, rosiana, nik…



guys u know laaa when they wana act front of the camera..hehe..



going back…wif the taukey also my schoolmate the cute guy on the left side of the picture..shamsul hisham..nice serve bro…;)


thiS iS mE aftEr a mOnth brAkE up wif my gUrL..HEAVY SMOKER…iSk!! (


uikSs..who candid me aaa..??

poor halim he couldnt come along..he got papers the next day so he got to read some stuff…after that hehe i didnt go back yet coz i went to THAQWA ehehe drinking teh tarik..hahaha…till late nite…my mum will realy membebel this time hehehe….

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone. Happy fasting ! ;)


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