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Childish Matter..Errgghh..!!!

Genetically in nature, human will grow, well du’uuuhh ofcourse. Everysingle day each parts of their body will develope overtime from a little baby to a growing adults. But how about their minds, personality and their thinking? I mean u can watch a kid grow up to be a teenager and soon become an adult. But how can you determins that their personality and their inner self and thought have change from ‘Childish’ to complete “Mature’? Certainly u cant and its not that easy to grow up inside. In this life i’ve live in, i encounter various experience and phenomenon that opens my eyes on how people react and learned on what they’ve gone through in life. Some people, even tho they are semi-complete adult they still potrait such highly ‘Childish’ behaviour,thought,personality and so on. I mean its not a crime to have a little child inside you, but when there just too much inner child is just plain stupid. Experience in life should be able to teach you to be stronger and muture to face the future, not to stay in the past and whining about all the mistake other people did to you, you got to move on. You’ve got to learn how to accept, acknowledge, and understand the fact of life. I just would like to point out here that, its easy to blame others, but you still have to look into the mirror and ask where you’ve gone wrong too. Blabbing all you misery and problems to others can be a therapy, but its just simply dim witted when the third person get involve and make the matter worse than ever. Personally i do have few glitch and problems, and i do understand and feel sorry for some of my mates who have their difficulties, but sometimes enough is enough. Why not keep some of you problem private and try to void gossips and rumours from spreading. Anyway, its getting late, and im off to bed.


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