the announcement..!!

The Government announced yesterday an increase in petrol and diesel prices, stating that it can no longer continue to subsidise fuel. I dunno whether it’s true or not because i’m not a politicians who’s working in their line…but it’s still fine for me because i’m working near my house..hehehe…but i juz wana remind “them” that we as citizens already burdened by the rising cost of living. We cannot justify the increase by saying that our fuel price is still lower than Singapore.
One thing bout them, they r SHIT..!!!!Singaporeans expressing relief that the Malaysian government would not imposed a ban on sales of fuel to foreign-registered vehicles at petrol stations located within 50km from the border.F**K u all Singaporeans…damn realy hate them…!!!berlagak nak mampos..!!!


2 Responses to “the announcement..!!”

  1. 2 apis8ty4
    June 6, 2008 at 10:26 am

    duno laa bro..hehehe…but i guess i need to start to use my bicycle or motorcycle again…hehehe

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