mm…everybody is trying to ritE tiS n that in tis tOpic..jUz ritE bOut YOURSELF..simpLE ritE? 😉 mE?what to story..???kEy laaa…last time mb i’m crAzy bOy(mAybE lAaa) wit a big EGO B-) (dulu b4 i know who is girl in man life(seriously),rebellious at times,very open minded,very innocent looking,very blur looking as well(but im not all that!),very shy :”> (bLuEekkK),LOUD when i start talking and theres a possibility i cant stop,same goes when i laugh,but sumtimes i choose to keep quiet,can be a very boring person if ure boring,can be very irritating if i dun like u,is easily turned off,vain,choosy, confused,fickle,fussy,generous,caring,penyabar,baik hati(this can be considered true hahahaha!!!),luvs to love but hates being in love(esp when i endup getting hurt),but luvs being loved n cared for,hates ppl who make promises n break them,hates being forced into something,hates rushing but luvs doin things last minute,luvs dogs but i cant pet any of em,family is my priority!luv em so much…ibu,abAh,aLL my adikS,uncles,aunties,kezens,arwah opah, arwah toks,arwah tok ayah,arwah tok mak, n arwah moyang!(al-fatihah to all them….amin…))luvs my frens.i luv evrybody.hehe.neway,this is ME it or not.this is ME!! btw aLsO miSs my bEst fwEn..whErE iS shE aaa..??shAmimi binti kAsSim…dAa kAwEn kOt…n thAnkS tO mELiSsA…if itS wAsnt shE whO tOLd mE abOut tiS wOrdprEsS i might bE nOob bOut bLog tiLL nOw…wAaa bAnyAk nyE nAk timE kAsih…nEwAy miSs evErybOdy…n aLsO miSs thE-X……


2 Responses to “Me, Myself And Mine…”

  1. 1 wierzatul
    October 6, 2007 at 9:58 pm

    welcome to the world of blog. hehe. 🙂 happy writing! ^_^

  2. 2 apis8ty4
    October 8, 2007 at 2:11 am


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