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juz now after visited my mum i also ask the doc to check on my finger..the doc said “okey jee..takde ape² masalah pun” what…!!!??sudenlly i say YES..!!!Dthen i told the doc what’s realy happened..then the doc tell me “maybe u rehat cukup makan pantang sebab tu cepat baik” n that time i smile n talk to myself yeee laa tuuu… D i ask one more important doc bile i bley start playing bowling again…? then he said ANYTIME!!!!!! i feel realy great but or now juz wana make sure my mum realy in good condition then i’l go Dhehehe…

wana go to pasar ramadhan now…no one at home to cook for me n i’m also lazy to happy breaking fast D



finally my mum opened her eyes last nite..thanks god…Dbut she’s still looked tired..kesian ibu..suddenly that quote came out from Fahim’s(my youngest bro) mouth…my mum smiles n hug him..Dthat time i feel realy thankful to ALLAH…but abah still didnt tell us what’s mum dealing with…
maybe mum n dad berpakat dun wana tell us coz they dun want their children to be sad…especially me…since i know a gurl that i realy love until she left me away the only person who knows everything are only my parents…
neaaaahhhh..!!!!now i don’t wana think bout it…what i know now i just wana b wif my family…i’m glad my mum can smile again…the doc says that my mum can discharge from the hospital another 2weeks…hopefully everything gonna b fine…
luckily my dad didnt work anymore so he can take care of mum when i’m working…
its been 2days i’ve MC n tomorrow i have to go to work coz there’s tonnes of work waiting for me to finished it..

now i’m going to take a bath n back to the hospital…juz wake up actually D hehe…
i miss everybody rite now….(



last nite was a scared day in my life..!!!!???:
my mum suddenly collapse after came back from terawih
then my father n my sis brought her to the emergency at Hospital Selayang….n the bad was i didnt know until i came back home n i noticed that no one at home..!!!???:
then i called abah’s handphone..he said ibu kat hospital!!!!
i rushed to hospital n at there i asked them what happen….
everybody dunno what had happened to my mum…till the doc’s came out n he juz wana talk wif my dad…n i noticed that something serious was going on wif my mum….

in my heart n mind i juz pray…“ya allah selamatkanlah ibu ku..aku tak mahu kehilangan seorang lagi orang yang paling ku sayangi setelah aku kehilangan liz…aku belum bersedia…” i didnt stop recite al-fatihah to my mum n pray to god…

when the doc let us visited my mum she’s still unconcious…at that time my tears felt down…that was the 1st tears after i break up wif liz (…i wait for my mum till morning n my dad sent my sis n youngest bro back home coz they have to go to school today…

now i’m home n i rite this blog wif sad feelings (…hopefully this time Allah will hear my pray…Aamiinnn….



damn my finger felling so hurt rite now( …luckly i’m MC today…need to see the doc’s today…hate to go to the clinic…(


i wana have kids..!!!!

yeay! i’ve upgrade my own passport now(upgrade?hope it’s a correct word). i went to do it this morning(ponteng skola lagi hehehehe…). and the passport was done approximately in 2 hours time. very efficient huh? i cant believe it either.
from now on i can go anywhere i like except for isreal of course.
wait a minute, how can i go anywhere i like if i dont have the money instrument to back me up? haihhhhhhhh
its good to be an adult sometimes, especially when i got my own passport and license and whatever card it is. sounds weird huh? this is one weird thing about me.
so, back to the real story.
while i was waiting for my number to be called, my sis and me saw a little einstein singing in front of us. he was wearing a spectacle and i think his about 2 yrs old. he wore a shirt and a bermuda. he was so cute that we teased him a bit.
a few minutes later, something unthinkable happened. he came straight to us and salam us. hahahaa.. siap cium tgn gitu.. and then he went back to his parents. hahaha.. what was he thinking?
owh cute nye!!!! D
so, this came to the conclusion that i want to have kids. bunch of kids!
so that they can make me smile and happy with all their weird behaviour. and i dont care whether they look cute or not, because to me all kids are cute and adorable.

OMG! isnt it weird to talk about this kind of stuff?;)


Dont read this if u havent read the book

i know its kind of too late for me to post a blog about the new and last book of harry potter… but this is HARRY POTTER im talking about. so, its never too late or anything when it comes to Harry potter.. the harry potter fever is eternity.
i came across an article in MSN and JK explained that Harry and Ron were Aurors in the ministry. They always over threw the ministry and things are a lot better now. Hermione is an attorney with the minstry. She mentioned that Luna and Neville may have had romance. The new headmaster is unknown. He is a new character. There was more but I forget. You can look it up online but she gave quite a bit more information in her interview.

this was the best one ..I have to say she did a fabulous job fooling me about Snape, I never would have far i loved it i cried like a whole bunch lol but it’s amazing and i can tell you that the harry potter series are bloody brilliant… JK rowling is definitely gonna be remembered for her masterpiece and not even mark twain can beat her…

I am very sad that this book or series of Harry Potter has ended but at the same time
I am happy because the books and movies were excellent.



today is the 2nd day of fasting in ramadhan n i’m pretty excited…y?mmmm…ive start hang out wif all my buddy…we went “terawih” together….imagine how long have i forgot to pray to allah….?

today ive done many things that i should do before…after “berbuka” wif all my friends (bad,nasir,joe,boy n apek eventhough he’s chinese hehehe) yeah great even apek is a chinese guy but he join us wif everything…then we went to terawih (of course apek didnt follow )

then we went to bowling at mutiara jalan ipoh..damn i cant join them…my finger still need rest…hopefully it can b recovered before tournament after aidilfitri…

Have a blessed Ramadhan everyone. Happy fasting ! ;)

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